My duties and responsibilities at Exient are to plan, design, and update features for the hit game Angry Birds Go! I work close with the other team member together with other personnel from other departments. Being a Free to Play game, there is major focus in User Experience and making sure we have good retention practices through the flow experience for the player.

WagerLogic Amaya Gaming

As a web master I am responsible for managing a number of web properties to assist the marketing team with implementing campaigns and websites. With huge emphasis on QA testing and front end development, my role requires development of a high standard across multiple browsers.


As a Senior Web Developer I was responsible for developing and maintaining Uniblue websites. This involves being in constant communication with marketing managers. My specialization focused around Front-End Development and SEO implementations.


As a web master/web designer I am in constant communication with multiple teams in the Marketing & Acquisition department to create, update and maintain Uniblue websites. Uniblue demands a high standard in code efficiency that is rigorously tested. This involves designing and developing responsive websites with emphases on SEO disciplines.


As a Java Programmer my work consisted of developing the EntroPay system, a virtual Visa card used for online purchase using Java Eclipse, Spring, MySQL, HTML, and JavaScript. My tasks involved migrating builds for Apache Maven 1 & 2 as a Software Project Management and Comprehension tool. My position involved designing and implementing test cases related to Business Accounts, together with analyzing and compiling Amazon Flexible Payment Services.


As a Programmer with an international IT solutions provider, the goal was to use Enfinity Suite 6 business logic to develop and implement leading-edge technology to give clients a competitive advantage. Clients I was involved with include TomTom, Weetabix and Morrisons. My work included Enterprise Resource Planning systems, eCommerce solutions, database managements, Customer Relationship Management implementations and bespoke development.


Assisting Engineers and Designers in the building of the Mater Dei Hospital management systems.


Building and repairing IT infrastructures from single PCs to small/medium size networks.