Party Pooper

Party Pooper

Party Pooper is a game created during the Malta Global Game Jam 2015 by Clayton Curmi, Malcom Pace and myself.

A local co-operative social party game where players must pass a ball between them as fast as they can within 60 seconds. Communication, physical or otherwise, is paramount for the team’s success. All for one and one for all! Players can’t pass the ball back and forth to the same player consecutively and must not repeat the cycle more than once. Watch out for the rooster or you might get cock-blocked!

The Malta Global Game Jam weekend started off with a dinner on the night before the actual jam started off. I was lucky enough to be invited to a private dinner where I spent the majority of the night talking digital and board games with Leigh Alexander, a well respected writed in video games industry.

The next stage I arrived at the University of Malta just in time for the Leigh Alexander keynote talk pre-launch the Global Game Jam. Once the theme was announced we set out suggesting ideas on what type of game we would be creating for the next 48 hours. We knew we wanted to create something with simple controls that easy to play but hard to master. Being the Jam theme was “What do we do now”, placed heavy focus on making the game a local co-op game where players had to communicate with one another.

Even though we didn’t win anything, we were happy with how the final product panned out and definetly look forward to taking part in next years jam.